Your Life Simplified

Auto-categorize and Auto-Organize your  documents

Features of Categon App


Do you take pictures of documents using camera application? The document gets lost in hundreds of other pictures that you take.

Categon simplifies the document organization by automatically* filing the document in appropriate folders.


Some documents are private, Some docs contain sensitive information. While saving the document in the Categon App, you may secure such documents inside the Vault. Vault can be accessed only via an additional password.

Browsing Content

The saved documents can be browsed in a familiar folder structure.
Other features:

* If the app cannot automatically categorize the document, then you can add Tags and place the document in appropriate folder.

Easy Doc Retrieval

Powerful Searching Capability - You can search the document using date, tags and location. You can even search using relevant words inside the document. 


Concerned about privacy? In the current version of Categon App, the scanned documents are stored only inside your device. It is not stored in Categon's servers.

Free to download

Categon App is a free download. It comes with limited number of free scans. If you have high usage, you have the option to purchase additional scans.

Why Categon?

Organize and Simplify life


Have you wasted hours and hours trying to put together information to pay your taxes?

Have you forgotten to take the correct receipts back to the store and get your hard earned money back?

Have you wished to have access to all your lab results while going to the doctor’s office.?

So what can you do to carry every thing you need where ever you go The answer is Categon.

Secure Sensitive Documents

Save the document in the Vault Storage. Secure the vault by an additional password.

Categon simplifies your life by categorizing and storing all your valuable information on your own device. Categon gives accessibility and safety while storing data in vault

Use Cases

1. Next time, you visit your doctor and need to show the Blood test report, the Categon App will come handy.

2. When you need to find the tax-deductible receipt during the tax filing season, the Categon App will come to your rescue.

3. Don't remember when or where the yard sale in your neighborhood is, the Categon App can easily retrieve your saved flyer.

And many more use cases.

Categon App helps you to Organize your life. 


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